Day 4: Near Chicago - McCafe + Cracker Barrel

The sun has set in Chicago.  We are stopped at the information center which is right next to the Cracker Barrel where we just had dinner (open face roast beef for me, mac and cheese for Lela).  We have been driving constantly today.  We stopped for about an hour outside of Indianapolis, IN and had lunch at a Speedway gas station that is no longer in use.  It was quiet there and there was a good breeze.  Lela made me a turkey sandwich and she had a PB&J.    Actually we have been battling the wind since Ohio.  And for some reason it has never been in our favor.  It is either blowing us off the road, to the right or the left, or it is blowing at us head on, slowing us down even more.  
I forgot to mention last night how awesome the McDonald's is in Parkersburg, WV.  They have a McCafe, which is like a Starbucks, without the high prices, right inside the McD's.  The also have WiFi which is how I blogged last night.  This morning we stopped there for breakfast and I got a WV favorite, sausage gravy and biscuits.  Very good!  Stop there if you get a chance.
The van is doing great.  No problems to speak of now.  Orangey is doing quite well, as you can see.  She sleeps most of the time during the day.
We are going to keep on driving for a few more hours tonight.   The plan is to get to Badlands, South Dakota as soon as possible so we can enjoy our time there.  So we are going to drive as much as possible over the next few days.  Tonight we are going to sleep in the van at a rest stop somewhere along the way (our map shows a few places).  
One last thing.  I want to thank God for giving me such a great family and taking care of us on this trip.  He has been with us the whole time and we truly are thankful.  He continually gives us strength in knowing that through him we have purpose and a new life.  Thank you Lord.  Amen.


Anonymous said...

Wow,it sounds like quite an adventure already. What an experience, all the memories of these, carefree days will be priceless as you grow older together. We love checking the blog and geting updates and seeing the pics. Thanks for including Gran, it is good to see her out of the bed! Also good to hear OJ is doing well.
U probably passed Kris and Mindy on Friday,they were headed to our house for the weekend. Take care, be safe and say your prayers!Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Beachu and Jeremy we miss you alot and we look forward to seeing you guys on your trip. This is a blessing from the lord so try to learn and experience the lords love through the road. We hope you guys have a great time and wish you the best on this trip. We are praying for you guys and we think it is a great way for you two to spend time with eachother. Thanks for taking the time to post your adventures so we can be a part of it.
Love the Bogales :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting so far! I am evious you had a peperoni roll, I miss those things so much! Hope the rest of your trip stays just as exciting.


Aunt Mindy said...

Hi Guys, Sorry we missed you..We were on our way to your parents house to visit Pop Pop and probably passed you somewhere along the way. At least you remembered to get a Pepperoni Roll. Really enjoy looking at your pictures they're great. Be safe and have fun!! Love Aunt Mindy