Customizing the van, your thoughts!

Thanks to my cousin Kayla, we will now be adding the famous "Ron Jon" surf shop sticker to the back window.  Once we get the van back from the mechanic I will be sure to stick it on and post a picture for all to see.  Lela has also written my Grandmom and plans on talking to my Dad in hopes that they would be able to paint flowers on the side of the van.  My dad was a custom auto painter back in the day of van murals (70's) so I am sure he can come up with something.

This leads me to a question for all the readers out there (about 5 of you now!).  How would you customize our VW van?  Of course, there are some things I would want to do but money and time prevent me from doing so.  However, if your idea is cheap, fun, and we like it, we just may be able to make it happen.  Let us know, just add a comment.


Anonymous said...

I would tint the windows to "The Love Machine" (A little different than "The Mystery Machine" from Scooby-Doo), and add tassles around the roof of the interior. Oh, and don't forget the bumper sticker. "If this vans a rockin', don't come a knockin'"

Love you guys, good luck, and I like your idea of keeping us posted!

Signed, Guess Who?

jeremy s. pomp said...

Dear anonymous,
If you send me the sticker, I will put it on the van.

As for guessing who you are.....well, let's play this game a little longer!

Aunt Mindy said...

I would definately go for a giant peace sign on the hood and bright colored daisies all around. Also, some wild looking curtains on the windows would be a good touch!! Oh yeah, and plaster the back with bumper stickers from all the places you go. Talk to you soon. Love, Aunt Mindy

kayla said...

Hey guys!
Glad you like the sticker. I'm totally diggin the idea of some nice daisy rims, I think they would add a nice touch, and be comepletely ridiculous.
(p.s. They really exist, my friend has them for her beatle)

jeremy s. pomp said...

Wow!!! You guys have some good ideas. We definitely are gonna put some retro curtains on it. We are going to take a trip to JoAnne fabrics with Mom for some material. If they don't have anything crazy enough then we already found some nice fabric at IKEA. I think Mom knows someone that can help us sow some curtains too. Painting up the van with flowers and stuff is gonna be fun. Peace signs, flowers, and the like are sure to come. Maybe instead of buying those cool daisy rims we could paint some daisies on the chrome center of the rim? What do you think?

Oh, yeah. We are definitely gonna be picking up some stickers. Hopefully I will get the "If this van's a rockin'....." sticker from anonymous. We also have a nice pink "Pigtown" sticker to put on it (thats our Baltimore neighborhood).

lshiferaw said...

i would really like some asian inspired curtains: ones with bamboo prints and sage color branches. i know it doesn't necessarily fit the mold, but doesn't "vdubbing it" give one a license for free design?? i've already seen some material at ikea; don't know what jp thinks about it yet...! aunt mindy, bright colored daisies are just what i had in mind too. can't wait till it happens!

Aunt Mindy said...

Hi Guys,
Painting the daisys on the rims would probably look really cute. Do you know what day your going to start your journey??

jeremy s. pomp said...

We have not confirmed what exact date we will be leaving, but we do know that it will be after memorial day weekend and before the following weekend.