Day 1: Assateague Island NP, MD

If yesterday gives us any idea of what the rest of our trip will be like, we are in for an exciting time.  We arrived at the campsite around 5pm and began to setup camp immediately.  I put the tent up and grilled some sandwiches while Lela kept an eye and Orange as she explored her new territory.  On the way to the ocean we had heard on the radio that we could expect some thunderstorms later on that night.  I made sure to put up the rain tarp on the tent so we would stay dry.  We took a bike ride around the park and ran into a deer eating some grass along the road.  She stared at us as we passed, but did not think of running away.  We then played a game of Scrabble, which was very hard fought down to the end.  My 63 point word "quiz" solidified the game for me, Lela could only just give up.  And she did!  (However, she refused to write down the score on the sheet so this blog will be my only proof of the historic win)

As the sun set, and the temperature started to cool we decided to take a shower.  The facilities were very nice, but the water was COLD.  As we turned in for the night we remarked how beautiful it was to be sleeping outdoors in this wonderful environment.  Little did we know the environment was about to turn against us.  The winds picked up (30-40 mph) and we saw lightening in the distance.  Around 1am we had to ditch the tent and make a run for the van.  We threw some heavy items in the tent to secure it (so we thought).  Strangely enough, it never rained but the winds were strong enough to blow Lela away so I had to put her on a leash tied to the van (okay, just kidding, but they were strong).  

We made it through the night safe and sound.  The bed in the van is very comfortable.  Thanks to Hilton Hotels for letting me use their internet.  We're heading out now to get some pizza that Lela is craving.  Orangey is well adjusted now to the van.  She really seems to like her new home.

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