totally excited!

yaye!!! i'm sooo excited cause finally it's coming near...excited when i think of all the beautiful places we get to visit and take pix of. what great fun it will be... my mom came to visit us for about a week this month - she and jp visited around DC and arlington and we had lots of fun going around eating at all kinds of restaurants. was great having her around before our trip. we'll see her again in september when we go to Ethiopia, God willing. jp's doing such a good job preparing us for the trip; i'm glad to be joining him in getting ready... i have a month before starting work...we're getting used to this packing thing... even orange now knows when she sees the suitcases. that's all for now,

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Papa said...

Hi Jeremy and Lela! Greetings from Dar es Selaam, Tanzania. I have been waiting to read your blog for some time now.

As you may know ETH blogs blogger.com so I unfortunately can not follow it.

I wish you the very best and safe travel. It will be fun.


with love