The van is packed and we are ready to go

After a long exhausting day of packing, packing, and more packing, we are ready to head out in the morning to Assateague Island, our first destination. Curtains have been made, the roof rack is completely full, interior lights installed, and seats fixed. Almost everything we wanted to do has been done. Unfortunately we didn't get to decorate the outside of the van with peace signs, bible verses, and flowers like we had wished. Maybe somewhere along the way it will happen! I have to say, though, the inside looks really nice.

We will head out in the morning after a good night's rest (you can be sure that I will rest well after today!). Although, the weather apparently is not on our side. It is suppose to rain the entire time we are at the beach. Regardless, our spirits are high and we are excited to start our trip.


Colletta said...

Good luck with the start of your trip...I will be checking your blog often! Keep me posted on OJ. I miss & love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on your trip...Have fun at the beach!! Hopefully the weather will break. I'll reading your updates. Hope to see you soon. Take care and be careful. Love, Aunt Mindy