Day 2: Assateague Island NP, MD - Attack of the Ponies

After finishing blogging at the Hilton we went out to lunch at Tony's pizza on the boardwalk (1st st.) The cheese pizza was excellent. We spiced it up well with cayenne pepper, black pepper, oregano, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder. It hit the spot, we we're both starving. The sign to the left was posted inside Tony's. Very classy Ocean City. We also bought a "OC" wave sticker on the boardwalk and put it on the back window. On the back we stopped at a roadside stand and bought some firewood, zucchini, and a tomato for dinner.

We headed back to camp and took a nap in the van. After waking we took an hour bike ride around the campgrounds. We saw so many ponies, deer, and birds along the way. We took a bunch of pictures. We were having a great time.

After making it back to the campsite around 7pm I started the fire and Lela began cutting up the zucchini for the grill. We brought out the radio, listened to some tunes and relished the last little bit of sunlight. While preparing our meal we noticed that the ponies were now near our campsite eating some grass. I took out the camera and starting taking some pictures. The ponies must have smelled the zucchini because in a matter of seconds they were making a direct line towards our site. Then all 7 ponies decided to take over our campsite. The only thing they didn't devour was the zucchini already on the grill. They slobbered all over my iPod, ate all of our mustard packets, opened the remaining slice of pizza from Tony's, and ate half of our newly purchased tomato (Why did they only eat half? I don't know, but it made Lela even more upset.) So we ended up eating the zucchini, Lela made me a turkey sandwich, and we had some crackers. All in all a good meal, but not what we had expected.

We slept in the van again because it was really cold. I wore 3 t-shirts. Lela of course was well prepared and had on her full length JP's (that's PJ's to non Pomp's).

We left the park this morning and have now made it back to my parents. We will leave early tomorrow morning for Parkersburg, West Virginia to visit my Grandmom.