Thule cargo box for sale anyone?

Alright! I spoke with the mechanic today and the van is definitely ready. So, Lela will take me to the shop in the morning and then I will take the van to the MVA for tags. The bill to fix the van is about $550.00. A little more than I wanted to spend but it needed about $200.00 in parts so spending another $300.00 on labor is realistic (cost per hour of labor is around $100.00). Once you add tax in and shop supplies (this is where the get you) the price seems realistic. When I go there I will go over the bill with them. I will use my Auto Insurance Estimator skills if needed!

Now I can finally buy a Thule cargo box off of Craigslist to mount to the roof rack. I have been looking for about a month but had no way to pick it up while the van was in the shop. I am hoping to find one that has 21 cubic feet of space (that's the biggest one they make) to store all of our stuff for the trip. We are going to try and keep the inside of the van free of clutter, so the cargo box should help with this.

Lela has been getting some good tips on how to take cats camping by looking at some other blogs and videos on Youtube. Some of them are pretty funny. Did you know they make tents specific for cats?! Even Coleman makes one! No, it's not the little model you see in Walmart or Target either. I always thought of asking them if I could by that little tent though!!!

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Colletta said...

You should look into getting OJ a stroller...you can find them for about $30-40! I miss my boys!!!