Day 6: Iowa, South Dakota: Rest stop, Corn Palace, Stone State Park

Yesterday was somewhat uneventful.  We just drove and drove and drove, until we couldn't do it anymore.  We slept at a rest stop around Joliet, IL.  It was convenient because there were bathrooms right there for us (good for those middle of the night times where you can't hold it).  We woke up early and set out around 6:45am.  There was a considerable difference driving this day.  The wind was gone and therefore we were not getting blown off the road like we were the other days.  Our destination was Stone State Park in Sioux Falls, IA.  We weren't quite sure how nice the park would be, but at least it would be a peaceful place to rest.
We arrived at the state park around 8pm.  It was just what we were looking for.  We drove up this huge hill to an overlook where you could see for miles.  It was beautiful.  We paid $11 for our camp site and left our money in the lock box.  I immediately setup the tent and started a fire.  I also decided to take a shower, I was getting a little bit stinky by this point.  To my surprise there was warm water!  Very nice.  I indulged for a few minutes not knowing when my next hot shower would come.  
We awoke around 8am with rain coming down.  I threw on my waterproof pants and jacket and got us packed up quickly.  Lela then took a shower while I tuned in the radio to check on the weather.  We had heard that there was some hail in South Dakota (grapefruit size) so we needed to make sure to stay clear of it.  Thankfully the Lord was watching over us and the weather proved out to be just fine.  Actually, a little overcast in the morning but it was just fine as the temperature was cool.  
Right now we stopped for lunch in Mitchell, SD at a coffee/deli for place.  We actually stopped here to visit the "one and only" Corn Palace.  Apparently since the late 1800's this town has had a building made out of corn.  Pretty interesting, but somewhat of a tourist trap.  The nicest part was that the road where the building is, is straight out of the midwest.  It has a saloon and all!  You expect to see a cowboy on his horse trotting down the main drag with getting ready for a duel.  
We will make camp tonight at Badlands National Park in SD.  I expect to see some really cool stuff based on the pictures I have seen.  We will also be visiting Mt. Rushmore while we are there.  We have about 4 more hours of driving before we get there.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun. I'm sure you heard the news yesterday, its exicting. Keep posting stuff and take care of yourselves. We were thinking about you guys last night.

Anonymous said...

We are hoping you guys enjoy this great trip. We are very inspired by the election and the way the fight is going on but i hope you all stay updated on the election.
The loving Bogale's