Day 3: Parkersburg, WV (Grandmom's house)

We made it to today's destination, Grandmom's house, around 3:30pm. We left Norrisville, MD around 7am. It took a lot longer than expected because there were so many hills starting in western Maryland all the way through west West Virginia. The Vanagon had a tough time making it up some of the steep hills (10-12% grade) topping out sometimes around 40mph. I thought I was going to have to cut out the floor board and go "Flintstone" style at times. It just so happened that we stopped at Aunt Mindy and Uncle Kris's exit in Fairmont, WV for gas. I didn't even realize it when we pulled off. (Sorry we didn't call you guys, we had to gas up and go. But not before I stopped at the Chevron and got a pepperoni roll!) Slowly, but surely, we made it safe and sound.
It was so nice to see Gran! She is doing so well. The Lord has truly blessed us all by keeping her with us for a while longer. She is up and walking and her spirits are very high. She is very much looking forward to going home next week (but she likes getting foot rubs from the nurses!). She told us a bunch of childhood stories which kept us entertained for hours.
Tomorrow we have our biggest trip ahead of us yet. We need to make it to Chicago. This should take at least 10 hours. Lela and I will take turns driving to stay fresh (she drove some today). It should be easier terrain for traveling (less hills). We plan on staying at a roadside service area with restaurants and bathrooms. So, I doubt there will be any internet service but I will try my best to post for all of you keeping up with our journey.
No pictures today, but believe me the hills of West Virginia in the summertime look like a Chia Pet gone wild.

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