At my parents house

Yesterday we moved out of our Arlington, VA apartment, packed up the van, and drove to my parent's house. It was pretty cool to see the van stacked with luggage and with our bikes on the back. It was kind of a preview of what it will be like once we head out on the road. The trip took 2.5 hours and the van made it with no problems. Orange got sick near the very end of the trip. I hope she starts traveling better. We are a little bit concerned for her.

Today Lela, my Mom, and I went "into town" (Bel Air, MD) and picked up some supplies. We got some burlap material to make curtains from JoAnne fabrics. I also picked up a cargo box in Joppa from someone off of Craigslist. At Dick's Sporting Goods we got a nice aluminum fold up table that works great, a 3-person tent, and 2 fold up camping chairs. All in all, with our coupons we saved a good amount of money. Once we got home my Dad helped me mount the cargo box and he also fixed the cigarette lighter outlet. And somehow the Aux outlet on the front of the stereo now works properly so using the iPod will be a cinch.

We are definitely getting there.

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lshiferaw said...

yaye!!! i'm sooo excited cause finally it's coming near...excited when i think of all the beautiful places we get to visit and take pix of. what great fun it will be... jp's doing such a good job preparing us for the trip; i'm glad to be joining him in getting ready - we're getting used to this packing thing... even orange now knows when she sees the suitcases.