Getting frustrated, asking for grace

Yesterday started out great. We picked the van up from the shop, went to the MVA, registered the van and got new tags. Everything was looking good.

Then I decided to check the coolant level while getting some gas. Not good. It was beyond low. I had some coolant with me so I added some and figured I would keep an eye on it and see how bad it was leaking. Not a big deal, right. Wrong. Well, when you get stuck in traffic from Beltsville to Arlington the temperature of the any vehicle can get up pretty high. I knew something was wrong when I saw smoke coming from the left rear. This is in heavy traffic in the 395 tunnel in DC, by the way. I pulled into the median and saw a stream of coolant flowing out and dripping onto the exhaust causing a nice gray cloud of smoke. Not good. I had at least 15 minutes of driving left with the traffic I was facing and I had to get there fast, otherwise the coolant would be gone. The van thankfully made it back home safely but not after causing me stress that I was not seeking.

I took the van to a local mechanic in Arlington today to take a look at it. They are suppose to call me today with the estimate. Mo money, mo money, mo money. I just hope it can get fixed by the 20th. This is when we leave Arlington and go to my parents before we head out on our trip.

Side note: I asked the secretary at the shop if they work on Vanagon's (some shops don't like to). She said "Sure, not a problem. We just replaced the engine in the Scoobie Doo van.", while looking through the window at my van to confirm it's the same kind.

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Aunt Mindy said...

Sorry to hear about your Van. It sounds like it might be pretty serious. I have not had good experiences with overheating. It happened twice and in both cases I cracked the head gasket. I hope that is not the case in your situation. Take Care, Aunt Mindy :)