Starting Point

I received and update from the mechanic today. The van should be ready by Friday!!! After that it's off to the MVA to renew the tags.

We have also decided to start our trip from Assateague Island in MD/VA. This should be a great start. There is nothing like camping on the beach with wild ponies.


mom said...

You guys have a lifetime to "settle down" . Enjoy the opportunity and most importantly the journey . The destination is a bonus. This is a chance that many of us don't usually have or if we do we let life get in the way and pass it by. ENJOY!! Love , Mom

Rachael said...

Jeremy, I've never posted a comment on a blog before...so, just in case I'm not doing this correctly, I'll keep it short and sweet (if that is possible for me!). I'm super exicted for you and Lela, you guys are going to have an awesome time and see some amazing places -- enjoy the time that you will be spending with each other (I know you will) -- it will be this experience that you reflect back on once you do start school next year and "life" becomes a bit more complicated. Also, congrats on doing so well with the GMAT, I'm really proud of you! Things here are good, our little kitty is now officially part of our family (she has her own room and full run of the house), work is crazy as ever and we definitely miss you. Best wishes, be safe and have fun -- I promise to be a better friend and check your blog often. Take Care! Rachael

jeremy s. pomp said...

I am so glad to hear you and Whitey are doing well! It's amazing how these little creatures can find their way into our lives so quickly. I never considered myself a "cat guy", but you can't help it. We are trying to get Orange use to wearing a harness right now so it seems normal during our trip. It seems to be working out okay. She tends to "crouch walk" when we first put it on though. Maybe Orange and Whiting can play together sometime!

Thanks for checking the blog and thanks for your well wishes. Please stay in touch.

Muna said...

Hey Guys,
Just got a chance to peek at your site. I am so excited for you. I know you are going to have a fabulous time. I can't wait to read more....
Lela, I miss you much.

jeremy s. pomp said...

We miss you too Muna! Tell Maurice hello for me.

I didn't know you took up a career as a Nurse model?! I saw your spread in one of the critical care nursing journals. Looks good!