Round 1 of Supplies

So I went to Walmart the other day to look for some stuff to purchase for the trip. We are trying to be thrifty. I would love to go on a shopping spree at REI but that is just not going to happen. I did buy a few things at Walmart that I thought would be helpful. However, I am holding off on purchasing the "good stuff" (camping stove, fuel, table, etc.) until Lela and I can go together. I am definitely psyched for this trip and I want to make sure that we do the important things together. So I bought a sun shield for the windshield. I am hoping this will keep the van cool for sleeping if it is parked in the sun during the daytime. I also bought, probably the most critical supply although probably the least exciting, duct tape and black electrical tape! You never know when you may need this stuff and it always comes in handy for fixing even the most random things. Oh, and don't forget the ever practical bungee cords. The 24 pack I bought has a variety of lengths (and colors, wuuu!). The best find though was the battery powered fan. I have been looking around for one for a few weeks now, so when I came across it I knew it was mine. It is powered by size D batteries. I couldn't find them at the store so I will have to pick them up later.

While I was out I also stopped at Pepboys and picked up a cigarette lighter socket. The van's is european and doesn't hold my GPS unit in securely. I read on the internet that the one from Pepboys will do the trick. I hope so, otherwise I may have to break open that duct tape earlier than I thought.

The van is still at the shop. They are giving me the ole' "We are just so busy right now. We are down two mechanics"....blah blah blah. We have all heard this before. I am not that concerned about it right now because parking is an issue in Arlington without a permit. So, as long as it's ready within a week or so it will be okay.

Enough for now.


Aunt Mindy said...

Hi Jeremy & Lela,
Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I have already enjoyed reading it. Just wanted to wish you guys well on your trip. I am trying this blogging thing out. I have never did this before so I am doing a test run. (You know how I am with computers). I do have a question...Do you know what route you'll be taking?? Just in case I know of a neat place to stop. Talk to you soon. Take Care.
Love, Aunt Mindy

jeremy s. pomp said...

Aunt Mindy,
We plan to take the northern route (nothing is specified yet, but definitely staying in the northern half of the country). We want to stop at all the great national parks in the north. We will go as far south as Denver, CO so that we can visit some friends. We will definitely be stopping in WV and hope to stop at your house (if you all are going to be around). I would love to show Lela the lake and the surroundings. What's the place you are thinking of? Tell me about it.
Love, jp

Aunt Mindy said...

Hi Jeremy & Lela,
Just let me know when you'll be coming this way. We would love for you to stop by and show Lela where we live. I thought if you went thru Nashville, TN it would be nice for you two to stop at Opreyland Hotel. It is truely beautiful and I think you would enjoy it. You don't have to stay there to walk thru it. Lots of beautiful gardens. Well I'll talk to you soon. Love, Aunt Mindy

Aunt Mindy said...

P.S..I think Blogging is like emailing....