Finally getting somewhere!

Today I was able to put some personal touches on the van on behalf of the weather holding out. Kayla will be happy to know that I have added the Ron Jon sticker to the rear glass (picture on left). I also ran the bungee/curtain lines around the entire inside of the van. Now we just need to make some curtains and we'll be set. This will be a priority for us next week. I attempted to install those round touch lights to the roof/cargo area but the just wouldn't stick (these will help at night for soft lighting). The front windshield reflector fits pretty nice, hopefully it will do it's job and keep the heat out. The rugs we bought from Ikea fit well too (got them for $6 a piece - on sale). I also installed the bike rack on the liftgate which fits nicely. All in all, very good progress.

Check out the pictures in the slide show for more details.

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Aunt Mindy said...

Hi Guys,
Showed Kayla the pictures..they were great. Glad to hear the Van is OK. I am glad it was just a hose and not the head gasket. Talk to you soon. Love, Aunt Mindy