National Park pass

Last week I spent $80.00 for the "America the Beautiful" national parks and federal recreation land pass. I just received it in the mail today. This will allow Lela and I free access to all national parks and discounted rates on camp sites. Hopefully it will be worth the money. With the amount of time we will be spending at camp sites I am sure it will pay for itself in no time.


Colletta said...

Your park pass will surely pay for itself! I wish we had one when we went cross country! Can't wait to hear your adventures! How's Orangelina?

Anonymous said...

J&L[Orange too!],
Boy do I envy you guys!Paint the screens on windows[if there are any w/flowers].Will be looking everyday for your updates.Rick says Jackson Hole ,Wy. really neat place.I've never been west past Colo. no help from me on places to see.Sorry.I hope you have a safe and adventure filled journey.Love you guys!


jeremy s. pomp said...

We will keep Jackson Hole, WY in mind. I will take a look at it on the map and do some research on the internet!

Nice to hear from you AK. Tell Rick we said hello.