Day 7-8: The BADLANDS & Wall Drug, S. Dakota

oh my gosh, the drive to S. Dakota badlands national park was amazing.  endless rolling hills sooo green you wont believe it!!  and despite forecasters predicting we were headed into a thunderstorm with "hail the size of grapefruits," it was beautiful.  the clouds provided the perfect shade, but one can hardly notice that when you are surrounded with so much beauty.  ok, there is one thing that annoyed me to no end (sorry Fletch!!):  Wall Drug, a quaint and must-see town about 30 miles NW of Badlands, started advertising (billboards) in Iowa, at least 250miles before you get there!! and frequently.  so they bombard you with their advertisements that you either a)get turned off and refuse to go (my reaction) or b) you get hooked and go (jeremy's reaction).  anyhow, for anyone who hasn't been, it's cute and i'm glad we went. 
 just look at the pix from the badlands:  they are specta
cular. hard to describe in words...we camped for 2 nights:  first night, jp setup the tent and only 20 minutes after that, it started raining and wind blowing so much, some of the campers packed up and left!! we decided sleeping in the van would be wiser.  but nothing else happened until the morning:  jp encountered a big rattlesnake right next to the restrooms - very near our van & tent.  and yes, they are poisonous.  so my nerves were undone, and i was paranoid about walking on the grass from that point on.  i began to "hear" rattles at every corner, and jp got a good laugh.  anyhow, i enjoy nature, and love animals, but as far as i'm concerned God can do away with snakes (eco-balance can be compromised all it wants!!).   
most of you know that i've recently just learned how to ride a bike.  so far so good, i'm glad jp and i could share a nice bike ride together - it is so invigorating.  only one incident so far at the badlands when i crashed into a parked car.  aside from severe embarrassment, both i and the car are fine!! (Danu,  jess - stop laughing!!!)
orangey likes the van:  she thinks it's her house so we feel blessed to have her with us.  thanks to all our family and friends who keep tabs on  us and give us advice.  we love you all.

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