End of the road: Seattle

Lela and I have made it safe and sound to Seattle, WA. It has been a few days since our arrival and we have finally settled in. We were stuck in a hotel in Seatac, WA for a few days before we could move into our apartment in Seattle. It was a little bit of a let down because I envisioned this "grand finale" to our trip. Instead it was a just a quick trip up I-5 North and there we were. That's probably why I hadn't updated the blog earlier.
The weather is a little colder than we had expected. We've been wearing jeans and sweatshirts daily. The sun briefly shined into our apartment earlier today before it moved further west (our apartment has a very slight eastern exposure). Orange has been soaking up all the sun she can given it doesn't shine through the window very long. Although, it still seems that she is more comfortable in the van rather than inside the apartment, but I sure that will change with time.
Our apartment is very nice and modern. All the furniture is stained a nice dark wood, the windows are very large, and the porch is a nice for a quick getaway. The couch is covered in a nice sage microsuede material and the matching chair has a nice green and yellow print. It feels like we are in a very nice hotel room. A big change from sleeping inside a 17 year old van.
There is a lot I am already missing about the trip. Waking up, sliding open the van door, and breathing in the fresh air. Starting the day out with great optimism and excitement for what unknown was yet to come. And believe it or not, leading a more simple life is actually, well, simpler.
The drive up the pacific coast on route 101 to Seattle was awesome. At times the road was so sharp and steep while the whole time the trees and the waves of the ocean were just to your left. I was driving and it was incredible. It probably was even better for Lela. It was about this time that we started seeing VW Vanagons/Buses/Eurovans all over the place. I would say they are probably as common as any model Mercedes or BMW in Baltimore. I am sure that our van came from this region. We stopped at a roadside expresso stand and got "filled up" and didn't stop to eat until we reached Seatac. We knew our trip was ending and the real world was awaiting us (well, at least Lela).

A special note to all of you that have been keeping up with the blog. We are extending an invitation to come at visit us during our stay. Our apartment is little, but we would love to have you! Some of you have already made plans to come and see us which is so great. We look forward to it very much.

We also couldn't end this without thanking our God for keeping us safe, healthy, and spirited throughout our trip. He is everything to us and we hope to grow stronger in our faith daily with His guidance. Thank you Lord, we love you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tulip and Jer,
We can tell you now that you have arrived safe and sound,that we were WORRIED, but we had faith in both of you because we have seen many times how you work as a team. When you drove away from the house I cried for 20 minutes. I refused to let you see mt cry and ruin the trip .I dont know if I was upset or jealous!!! We are grateful that your trip was safe. THANKS!!!!for the updates on the blog, text messages and calls(except the one about the van making nosies). I monitored the weather via the internet and stopped myself coumtless times from calling. Dad asked me everday ,"any update, any call?" I am sure all the "unexpected" made your adventure even more excting. You have had the experience of a lfetime and lived the dream .Can't wait to visit!!! love mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, It was good to hear from you the other day. Had a good visit (as always) with your Mom and Dad. Glad you made it safe and sound and hope Lela likes her new job.Thanks for letting me share your blog..I have never done anything like this and it was fun following your adventure as it unfolded. Hope your time passes fast and your home soon. Take care and hope to see you at the beach. Love, Aunt Mindy