Day 14-16: Grand Teton, Yellow Stone and Moussula, MT

our drive to Grand Teton was a little shaky once we got to Wy (just after posting the last blog):  our "trusty sidekick" van started chugging everytime it slowed, and at that point we were on an interstate hwy.  it all turned out to be a fuel octane choice - 85 preferred around these parts.  after confirming that with locals and consulting with dad, we continued on this gorgeous drive up to Grand Teton.  we passed through the cutest town called Jackson Hole:  it had cafes, art galleries, small boutiques... just so quaint.  my favorite little town so far.   

we got 
to grand teton after dark, so we
 quickly set up camp, ate dinner and turned in for the night as we were forewarned about the weather (thanks mom!).  it dropped to low 40s in the van, and orange was soo cold she slept under the covers between us!!
in the morning, we drove through park, saw a family of bison, and enjoyed the green scenery.  unfor
tunately we could only see the bottom half of the cluster of mountains to which grand teton belongs to as it was sooo cloudy.  but not to worry:  we took a pic of the informational plaque!!!  

After a short hour ride, we got to Yellowstone NP.  we actually met people from Easton Shore, Md!! it truly is incredible.  there was snow everywhere, and just driving through the park to our chosen campsite was worth the drive.  there are so many turnouts on the road for taking pix of the animals, trees, and nature, waterfalls, geysers, hotsprings....  we saw soo many people fly-fishing.  just beautif
ul.  it was about a 45 mile drive from the entrance to our campsite.  well, the only damper (for me) was the weather:  it was freezing.  people were wearing their winter gear (gloves, hats, puff jackets)...but that didn't deter us from going to see Old Faithful, or pull over to see some of the sites (the hotsprings and geysers a
re my fav).  
our campsite was freezing and snow covered:  JP 
couldn't even build a fire as they didn't get to clear out the fire pit.  so we went to the campsite's restaurant for dinner and to warm up, and went to sleep in the van.  it was under 30 degrees in the van and we had ice rain throughout the night and into the morning.  the locals call it the "june surprise," but they did say this weather was a bit extreme.  
in the morning, while orangey stayed curled up under her blanket, we got a hot shower (for a small fee), had breakfast at a 50's diner just across the campsite, and off we went to our next destination: Glacier NP in Mt.  

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